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Peter Walker

We are excited to add Dr. Peter Walker to our growing list of mentors!

Peter Walker has extensive experience in developing multimedia, networking, and systems management products and technologies. Currently, Peter is developing a new collaboration site for musicians called Jamkazam.

You can find out more about Peter and all of our mentors by visiting our Mentor Roster page!


EnkitecMentor Wade Nicolas, President & Co-Founder of Enkitec has sold his company!  The Dallas-based business has been acquired by Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.  The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Enkitec is an Oracle Platinum partner and a worldwide leader in Oracle Exadata implementations, Oracle database administration and development.  The Enkitec team will be joining Accenture’s global infrastructure services business to assist with performance and flexibility of Oracle Engineered Systems.

From The Accenture Announcement:

“The Enkitec team has the largest concentration of talent at this level of specialization in Oracle Engineered Systems in the market today and adding their industry-leading capabilities will be a game-changer for our Oracle business,” - Derek Steelberg, global managing director of Oracle business for Accenture.

Enkitec has been previously recognized as one of Dallas’ 100 Fastest Growing Companies.  Enkitec was also ranked #1,127 on Inc Magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Companies and recognized as one of the  “Best Places to Work” by Dallas Business Journal.

Read the full announcement from Accenture here.




OrderMyGear award

Please join us in congratulating OrderMyGear on being named the 2014 National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) Industry Catalyst All-Star at the 2014 NSGA Management Conference Team Dealer Summit held in Indian Wells, California.

OrderMyGear is a 2013 VentureSpur Acceleration Program graduate who has raised more than $500K since the program Pitch Day last October.

OrderMyGear is the first software service company of its kind, providing online group sporting goods ordering online with features for managing sales, reporting, and collections.

VentureSpur is proud of OrderMyGear, their vision and continued efforts to innovate the sporting goods industry.

2013-07-30_161512To learn more about OrderMyGear, please visit their website at:


About the NSGA Industry Catalyst All-Star Award:

The NSGA Industry Catalyst All-Star Award recognizes companies that actively inspire innovation in the sporting good industry. The NSGA awards the Industry Catalyst All-Star Award to companies that “implement measures to advance and spark innovation in the sporting goods industry.”

The NSGA also recognizes the future influences of the recipient: “The recipient of the Industry Catalyst All-Star Award will have a dramatic impact on the industry, raising the standards of excellence through innovation. The winning company can display innovation through its products, use of technology, culture, or dedication to encouraging sports participation in new ways.”

“The Industry Catalyst All-Star Award recognizes companies that implement measures to advance and spark innovation in the sporting goods industry. The recipient of the Industry Catalyst All-Star Award will have a dramatic impact on the industry, raising the standards of excellence through innovation.

The winning company can display innovation through its products, use of technology, culture, or dedication to encouraging sports participation in new ways.” (

Read more about the NSGA All-Star Awards at


Dallas_Morning_News_bannerVentureSpur Texas was featured in a Dallas Morning News article highlighting the evolution of the program into the new Dallas offices:

VentureSpur will focus on mobility and technology for restaurants, retail and hospitality.

VentureSpur co-founder and Trailblazer Capital managing director David Matthews will be VentureSpur’ interim managing director.

Matthews said in an interview that it made sense to separate the program into two local entities, given the logistics of running programs in two cities.

“A really good accelerator is really local,” Matthews said.


Click here to read the full Dallas Morning News article. 


For more information on VentureSpur Dallas, read our blog announcement: Announcement of New Dallas office, Consolidated Operations



VentureSpur has announced Oklahoma-based LaunchOklahoma as a spin-off of VentureSpur, taking forward the operations of the accelerator in Oklahoma, while VentureSpur Texas continues the accelerator’s operations in Dallas.

Read more about VentureSpur Texas’ new focus area and new Interim Managing Director here.

Read more about LaunchOklahoma, in the official LaunchOklahoma announcement here.

Check out for more information on what to expect from the Oklahoma accelerator!


VentureSpur Texas was proud to be a participant at Trailblazer Capital’s 2014 Tech Trends for Restaurant and Retail event in Dallas on April 3rd.

VentureSpur Texas introduced the Texas startup and investment community to its new exclusive focus area in mobility and technology for restaurant, retail and hospitality at the event and to its new Interim Managing Director, David Matthews. Read more about the announcement here.

The event brought restaurant, retail, and technology  executives from all over the region to explore technology development trending in the restaurant and retail markets.


The event was covered by the Dallas Business Journal:

Startups from across the state and surrounding regions traveled to Dallas to present their technologies to a room of more than 100 guests that included venture capitalists, corporate retail and restaurant representatives and other entrepreneurs. They also listened the presentations that uncovered upcoming trends in the consumer market. That included offering solutions to remove the guilt of purchasing, creating applications to connect consumers to farmers or information about their produce, and finding ways to capitalize on the social element of food.

Read the full Dallas Business Journal story here.

Startups from Dallas and surrounding areas presented products and services to over 100 investors, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs.

The event also highlighted the announcement of VentureSpur’s consolidation and launch of our dedicated Dallas office.

Closing the event was keynote speaker Phil Romano, founder of Fuddrucker’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and other popular restaurants.

Dallas is quickly becoming a leader in restaurant and retail development. Trailblazer Capital and VentureSpur Texas are strong supporters of the growth of mobility and technology in the retail and restaurant industries.

In an interview with the Dallas Business Journal, David Matthews, said, “We have a really big opportunity here.”

The DEC logoVentureSpur is excited to announce Community Open Office Hours are traveling to The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC). The DEC serves entrepreneurs in the Dallas area, providing a location where they can receive training, education, mentorship, promotion and access to capital in order to encourage and equip the entrepreneurial community to start, build and grow their businesses.

VentureSpur will hold office hours at The DEC on Friday, May9, 2014 from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Community Open Office Hours provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to sit down for a private, one-on-one, 30-minute consultation with VentureSpur Managing Director, David Matthews.

We encourage any entrepreneurs considering applying to the 2014 Acceleration Program or any entrepreneurs who would like to receive feedback on a startup idea to sign up for a 30-minute session on our events page.

COH Logo 3_small

There are limited 30-minute sessions available, so sign-up ASAP! Slots will go quickly.

To see the Community Open Office Hours schedule and to sign up, visit our events page.

Interested in applying to the 2014 Accelerator Program? An initial application need only include a resume, business outline and a Powerpoint presentation or executive summary of some kind. Please see our 2014 Program Application for more details.

Receiving these prior to scheduling an Open Office Hours meeting helps VentureSpur to provide serious applicants with the most attention and allows us to make the best use of your time by reviewing your startup beforehand.  Please email materials to for review prior to your scheduled meeting.

Follow the links below to reserve your 30-minute Community Open Office Hours session @ The DEC:

Friday, May 9, 2:00 – 2:30 pm (booked)

Friday, May 9, 2:30 – 3:00 pm

Friday, May 9, 3:00 – 3:30 pm

Friday, May 9, 3:30 – 4:00 pm

Friday, May 9, 4:00 – 4:30 pm

Friday, May 9, 4:30 – 5:00 pm


To find out more about The DEC at

Become a high-roller and casino tycoon with

2012 VentureSpur graduate GoldFire Studios!

Today marked the long-awaited launch of GoldFire Studios’ CasinoRPG game!

GoldFire began developing the game in early 2012 and, in 2013, began beta testing with over 17,000 active beta players. Those two years of development have now lead to VentureSpur graduate GoldFire Studios releasing the game for public consumption.

Support for CasinoRPG quickly gained momentum with a successful kickstarter campaign in early 2013, which raised more than $20,000.

CasinoRPG isn’t your standard casino gambling game. Players work their way up in the CasinoRPG community through games, gambling, jobs, and missions to big rollers and casino owners.

The game is developed in HTML5 and is hosted on the open web, allowing it to be played on practically any device! Check out the game trailer above or go directly to the CasinoRPG source at!

Sign up! Make your own avatar and join the already buzzing CasinoRPG community!

GoldFire CasinoRPG


Check out other news sources and blogs about the CasinoRPG launch! – CasinoRPG Launches Today – CasinoRPG Opens its Doors – CasinoRPG Official Launch and Trailer – CasinoRPG Launched


About GoldFire Studios:

GoldFire Guys

GoldFire studios was founded by James Simpson in 2008 and is Oklahoma City’s first game development company. James and the GoldFire team began the Oklahoma Game Developers meetup group in 2013 and continue to be active members and organizers in the Oklahoma gaming community.

For more information, check out!


After a year of beta testing and Kickstarters, GoldFire Studios has excitedly announced the launch of their long awaited CasinoRPG on April 16, 2014.

In a blog announcement, GoldFire Studios founder James Simpson commented that the launch will not halt progress and further development of the game:

It will allow us to accelerate further towards our goals as we also begin to further expand the already vibrant community.

For a glimpse of the CasinoRPG, watch the game trailer above. Make sure to follow GoldFire Studios for more information and updates!



For more information, read the GoldFire Studios announcement.

Digital Tutors logo

Oklahoma City media software training company Digital Tutors has been acquired by PluralSight, a Salt-Lake City based company which provides an online catalog of professional software training tools.

With the merger of Digital Tutors’ library of creative media training tools, PluralSight now boasts the largest digital software training catalog with over 3,000 training modules. Former CEO and founder of Digital Tutors, Piyush Patel, commented in an interview with NewsOK:

They are the largest provider of internet based training for IT professionals and developers. Now we are bringing the creative arm to that business.

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12285289VentureSpur announced at Friday’s Tech Trends for Restaurants and Retail event in Dallas, Texas the launch of our new dedicated Dallas office and new full-time Interim Managing Director and Dallas support staff.

The new Interim Managing Director is VentureSpur co-founder and venture capitalist, David Matthews. Mr. Matthews has led the accelerator’s Board of Managing Members and supervised Trailblazer Capital’s anchor investment in the accelerator’s 2013 fund.

The accelerator has consolidated Texas operations to the new Dallas office and intends to host this year’s VentureSpur Texas acceleration program at its partner facility, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

As a part of the consolidation, Trailblazer Capital agreed to make an anchor investment of $100,000 and also to provide in-kind management and administrative support services.

In addition, VentureSpur Texas has announced a strong focus on startups working in mobility and technology for restaurants, retail and hospitality.

For more information, contact

VentureSpur has also announced Oklahoma-based LaunchOklahoma as a spin-off of VentureSpur, taking forward the operations of the accelerator in Oklahoma, while VentureSpur Texas continues the accelerator’s Texas operations in Dallas.

Read more about LaunchOklahoma, in the official LaunchOklahoma announcement here.

Check out for more information on what to expect from the Oklahoma accelerator!


David Matthews



VS INSIDE ACCL LOGO 3.5Kent: I’m with and we are a platform and marketplace for the team sporting goods and group apparel industry.

What did you like best about your experience in the VentureSpur acceleration program?

Kent: For me and the company, it was the exposure to the knowledge and experience that the mentors and seminars provided. That was really valuable.

It is a little bit of a drink from a fire-hydrant type of approach. Though some of the things were not immediately applicable to our business, I think hearing from entrepreneurs who have been successful as well as the other companies that were going through the program was really beneficial.

The other part of the exposure was connecting with the venture capital community and the investment community. That is a whole different learning curve.

kent photo

What kinds of challenges were you facing when you entered the accelerator?

Kent: The challenges that we faced when we were looking at accelerators really came down to scaling our product, our customer base, and our team. We were fortunate to enter the accelerator with a growing business with customers. So, the scalability portion for us was growing and accessing a new customer base and leveraging the business we had built to take it to the next level.

There were a lot of challenges that, after joining the program, we realized we were facing that we hadn’t before. But, initially, we were trying to figure out how to plant our flag and say, “This is where we’re headed. This is the problem that we are solving.” Then make decisions that are consistent with solving that problem.

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