A New Way to Invest

Venture accelerators offer investors an exciting and capital-efficient alternative to participation in traditional venture capital funds, individual angel investing, and group angel investing:

  • VentureSpur launches an investment Limited Partnership to support each accelerator class and invites up to 12 startups to participate in each program.
  • Each Limited Partnership invests seed funding in the startups that have been admitted to the accelerator program.
  • The Limited Partnership receives an equity stake in each startup in exchange for participation in the program.
  • Investors have an opportunity to see a return from the companies in which the Limited Partnership has invested.
  • A percentage of investment funds go into cash investments in the companies and a percentage goes to acceleration activities and support for the companies.
  • Investment returns are shared with accelerator management only after return of capital.
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Advantages of an Accelerator and Seed Capital Fund

VentureSpur provides investors with many advantages over traditional angel investing methods and venture capital fund participation:

  • VentureSpur provides investors with an efficient way to deploy capital into lean, hand-picked startups.
  • All startups are required to participate in a program of mentorship and development in order to appear at Demo Day.
  • VentureSpur is unique in the region and expects to attract the most promising entrepreneurs and startups in the market.
  • Investors can make a significant impact on the companies by serving as mentors, champions and advisors.
  • Each investment partnership consists of multiple companies, each receiving a small seed funding.
  • All ventures receive discounted and free products and services that preserve precious investment capital.
  • All accelerator activities are focused on preparing ventures to compete for venture capital on Demo Day.

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Investor’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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